The American Music Teaching Center is a place to learn guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals!  We are centrally located in Amarillo Texas at 2414 Teckla Blvd.

  A.M.T.C has a teaching staff of real world musicians.  Who are playing in local churches, national tours, Civic Centers, and our staff knows the local music scene! 

   We know how to take you to real music success through our amazing teaching sessions.  We make playing music fast, easy, and fun! 

  If you are looking to play in a band or want something a little more relaxed and would like to learn music for a hobby, We have that program too!  From beginner to advanced, weather you desire intense lessons to play on stage or want to chill out and have a a more simple music lesson plan.   

 The American Music Teaching Center has the right program for You.
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